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History of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore

FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) is the one of the greatest personal field university and also the master which set up below the Federal government in 2000. The university was established with the great help of the Foundation FAST.. A majestic banyan tree strikes the eye of the visitor before the overshadowed Campus’s beauty can capture his focus. The website visitor activities an instant issue. He does not know whether to respect the panoramic surroundings of the city, which lies previous to his eyes or marvel the academic décor of the Campus. Distribute over a 15-acre area, correct in the academic hub of the city, Islamabad Campus is slowly widening both in terms of its region and study programs.
The highly certified, seriously dedicated, and specialist motivated faculty offers to the university an academic identity. The faculty not only excels in their teaching skills but as well keep themselves updated of the newest trends and improvements in science and technology. They are also obtained analysts, contributors, and builders in their individual places of awareness. The analysis plans carried out at the Campus range from Bio-Informatics, Agro-Informatics, Device Cleverness, and Sensory Sites to IT specialized.

Admission Procedure

The admission criterion is rigid; the admission application is obtainable in the university administrative office and on the website. The eligibility is that you have to protect 60% marks in matriculation and 50% marks in advanced. As far as the entry test is involved it conducts its own tests together with that they agree to tests of National Testing Service NAT-I and it also think about students with SAT-I rates over 1500. Thus it is one of the many adaptable universities of Pakistan about admission plan.

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  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Management Sciences
  5. Humanities and Sciences
  6. BBA
  7. BS(AF)
  8. BS(CS)
  9. BS(EE)
  10. MBA (1.5-Year)
  11. MBA (2.5-Year)
  12. MBA (3.5-Year)
  13. MS(CS)
  14. MS(EE)
  15. MS(CN)
  16. MS(SPM)
  17. MS(MATH)

How to Apply

  1. Two recently taken (3 cm x 2 cm) colour photographs
  2. Copy of CNIC or Form-B issued by NADRA (National Database Registration Authority).
  3.  Application processing fee of Rs 1,000. This fee includes admission test fee for taking one test.
  4. Additional Fee of Rs 500 is payable for each type of Admission Test. For example, for taking both the BBA and the BS tests, or for taking both the MS (CS) and MS (SPM) tests.
  5.  Required Educational Documents:
  6. The Admission Application Form can be filled online by following the instructions.

Test Structure

  1. English 10%
  2. Analytical Skills and IQ 20%
  3. General Math 20%
  4. Advance Math 50%


  1. Select scholarship category to view Awardees
  2. Scholarships to study at NUCES (FAST).
  3. Scholarships earned by Students & Faculty of NUCES (FAST) to study Abroad

Important date 2013


Islamabad Campus
A.K. Brohi Road, H-11/4
Tel: 111 128 128 or (051) 831 4100-29
Fax: (051) 410 0619

Address: Milaad Street, Lahore
Founded: July 1, 2000