Study In Université Espoir d’Afrique

Africa University (HAU) is an educational institution of higher learning established by the Free Methodist Church. That Cost-free Methodist Church’s thought to determine a university goes back in the earlier eighties. Nonetheless it appeared to be about 04 very first 1999 than a decision to determine that school appeared to be produced within Nairobi, Kenya. Subsequently, Expect Africa School appeared to be popped about February 6th, 2000 within Karen/Nairobi in the Republic connected with Kenya. It started out by using brief number of students from Burundi, Rwanda, DRC (Congo) in addition to Kenya.
That School moved to Bujumbura in the Republic connected with Burundi within Dec the year 2003. About February a couple of, 2007, Expect Africa School appeared to be theoretically popped because of the Director General connected with Advanced schooling with respect to that Minister connected with Schooling connected with Burundi. About which cutting open morning, that school experienced 110 students, connected with which 47 experienced come with that organization from Nairobi.

Study In Université Espoir d'Afrique

About Admissions

Africa University serves both East Africa and Central Africa, but receives students from all parts of Africa and the world. From the beginning, the university decided to offer instruction in English and French. All our students are enabled to study in both languages. At completion of degree program, the student has another language in addition to his/her developed career.

Depart and Course

  • La faculté d’Agronomie
  • La faculté de Médecine.
  • La faculté d’Informatique
  • Faculté de Lettre et Sciences Humaines.
  • Faculté de Droit et de Sciences
  • Economiques et Administratives.
  • Institut Universitaire de Sciences de la Sante

How We can Apply

Complete a Supplemental Form This form must be posted to the CAO by 1st February 2014. The supplemental form provides the additional information required by to let the appliance that they are assessed. Students must provide a personal assertion for each system. Programs from mature students are not regarded as where the Supplemental Variety is not posted.


To mark the 40th anniversary of the NUI, 30 entry scholarship grants were being inaugurated within 2013. Students tend to be selected to the foundation of their efficiency in the Making Instrument. The worthiness in the honor is actually. A further 4 entry scholarship grants can be purchased to mature students students needs to be 5 years of age to the very first Present cards.

Important dates 2014

  • There are three closing dates for applications for 2014.
  • Normal application: 1 February 2014
  • Late applications: 1 May 2014 (Late applications may NOT be made by those applying on “Mature Grounds” or for entry to Medicine)
  • Change of mind: 1 July 2014
  • If you are submitting a non-standard application (an entry on page three of the application form), you should submit it to the CAO Officeby the 1 February, 2014
  • Further information on Undergraduate Admission is available from the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Contact Us

  • Telephone: +256414256251/2
  • Fax: +256414342007
  • East Africa Development Bank Building P. O. Box 7110 3rd Floor,Plot 4 Nile Avenue Kampala Uganda.
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