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What is a critical essay?

As a rule, when students are assigned with writing a critical essay, they often find it difficult to understand what this type of paper should include. To put it simple, a critical essay is a kind of paper that shows one’s ability to critically evaluate some literary work, movie, etc. This is an important skill that every student should develop in order to succeed in their studies. This is the main reason why college instructors frequently assign this kind of work. However, one should keep in mind that a critical essay is not simply a report about some book, movie or work of art. It is much more than that.

How to write a good critical essay?

In order to write a well-organized critical essay, you need to provide a thorough evaluation of some artistic or literary work and demonstrate its negative and positive characteristics. It is quite easy to learn how to write a good critical essay, but only if you know the basic rules. Writing a critical essay can become a fascinating process if you follow a few essential steps discussed below.

Where to start?

First of all, you need to remember a simple rule – first read and only then write. If you are faced with such a task as writing a critical essay about some piece of literary work, you need to thoroughly read it before actually writing about it. You need to focus on the particular topic that you will cover in your essay and then write down some information on the structure of the given literary work. Watch out for unfamiliar notions or terms. After you have thoroughly examined the piece of writing, check the instructions to find out what you need to do in order to get a good grade. This includes good formatting and proper citation.

Main components of a well-written critical essay

Basically, your critical essay needs to contain only three essential elements – introduction, body part and conclusion. It is important that your essay is well-organized and properly structured. When writing a critical essay, you need to agree or disagree with the ideas expressed by the author and support your thoughts by providing clear arguments. The introductory part of your essay is a preview to your future work by which you capture the attention of your audience. The body part consists of a discussion on the given topic where you express your thoughts, provide examples and mention some quotes from the original text. As for the conclusion, it should contain a strong argument in support of your point of view.

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