Bangladesh University of Professionals Admission

Bangladesh University of Professionals Admission

Establishment of a university for the network . energies educative and instruction institutes was a longer felt need. National safety, war method, medical engineering and technology relevant to higher studies are in huge require at present. To retain speed and to be at par with the rapidly establishing world, the nation’s better studies, exploration granting current knowledge and making range for education and studies are the responsibilities to be content. In purchase to increase and incorporate the recent educational and teaching institutes of the provided causes, they were essential to be delivered under a one umbrella or capacity. Thereby, the organization of “Bangladesh University of Professionals, ” (BUP) procured location in that procedure and came in to staying as 30th arrest university of Bangladesh on 05 June 2008.

About Admission

Bangladesh University of Authorities (BUP) is one of the freshest Open public Universities of the country organized on 05 June 2008. Since its beginning, this University handed down a training department from Military services Institute of Scientific discipline and Technology (MIST), an institution that was previously linked to University of Dhaka. The handed down department is now performance as “Faculty of Company Studies (FBS)” and began its activity in full action from the quick 2009 with the motto of reaching “Superiority through Awareness.

Bangladesh University of Professionals



  1. Business Studies(FBS)
  2. BBA
  3. MBA(Day)
  4. MBA(Evening)
  5. General Studies(FGS)
  6. M Phil & PhD Programme
  7. Language Courses
  8. Medical Studies(FMS)
  9. Doctor of Medicine(MD)
  10. Masters of Philosophy(M Phil)
  11. Masters of Science
  12. Bachelor of Medicine
  13. Bachelor of Surgery
  14. MBBS Programme
  15. BSc in Nursing
  16. Postgraduate Diploma Degree
  17. Security & Strategic Studies(FSSS)
  18. Masters of Philosophy(M Phil)
  19. Masters of War Studies
  20. Masters of Science in Military Studies
  21. Technical & Engineering Studies(FTES)
  22. Master of Disaster and Human Security Management (MDHSM)
  23. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engeering
  24. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engeering
  25. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Electronics & Communication Engeering
  26. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engeering
  27. Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engeering


Bangladesh University of Professionals  University invites applications for its Faculty Development Program (FDP) to upgrade the quality of its faculty to meet its continuously growing requirements. Under the FDP initiative, fully funded PhD level scholarships are being announced in the following field.


  1. Passing of all courses (with minimum grade D) individually and maintaining a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 in 4.00 point rating scale at the end of the program.
  2. Completion of internship program with a minimum grade of C.
  3. Passing of comprehensive semester final examination (comprising syllabus of whole course) for all courses.

Important date 2013

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