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History of bahria university islamabad

Allowed to Bahria University, an Institute of unbounded possible with excellent and invention as our guiding star. Since I took over as Rector Bahria University, I have noticed an abilities of limitless leads within the learners. It is my vision to make Bahria University the greatest educational institute in the country.
Bahria University was organized by the Pakistan Navy in 2000, and since then it has slowly but surely and routinely produced into one of the top higher training institutions in Pakistan. It performs a major purpose in grooming future leaders who can make a positive difference to the globe around them. We are a multi-campus university whose aim is to attain the greatest standards in training, studying and analysis. We offer an extending portfolio of programmes which caters to a huge range of hobbies starting from organization, computer sciences and psychology, to medical and dentist wellness, and maritime analysis.


  1. Engineering
  2. Earth and Environmental Sciences
  3. Graduate Studies and Applied Science
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. National Centre of Maritime Policy Research
  6. Medical and Dental Sciences
  7. Department of Law
  8. Department of Professional Psychology
  9. Bachelor of Business Administration
  10. Master of Business Administration
  11. Master of Business Administration (Maritime)
  12. Master of Business Administration (At Weekend)
  13. MBA (Pharmaceutical Business Management
  14. Post Graduate Diploma (Pharmaceutical Business Management)
  15. MPhil (Management Sciences)
  16. PhD (Management Sciences)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  18. Master of Science (Telecom & Networking)
  19. PhD Computer Sciences
  20. Bachelor of Science (Geology)
  21. Bachelor of Science (Geophysics)
  22. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Sciences)
  23. Master of Science (Geology)
  24. Master of Science (Geophysics)
  25. Master of Science (Environmental Sciences)
  26. Master of Science (Environmental Policy and Management)

bahria university islamabad

bahria university islamabad


  1. Admission will be structured on Educational Eligibility Score, (50% weightage and Admission Test Score 50% weightage) mental abilities, Entry test rating and Essay writing rating (for applicants preferred for interview only).
  2. Students unable to give “Academic Eligibility”, examination grades/CGPA waiting for results, must enter last training course marks i. e. 1st year / O-level grades (IBCC marks) (in case advanced, result is looked forward to) and Advanced exam grades (in case Bachelor’s exam result is looked forward to).
  3. For non-Pakistani skills (A/O-Level etc) student should enter IBCC equal grades/ HEC Equivalence Certificate grades, or computed marks as offered in application form.
  4. Students are also suggested to obtain O-Level IBCC document and marks (for those not possessing Matric training course), in event A-Stage result is awaited.
  5. Forms of students awaiting A-level/Intermediate outcome will not be recognised, without, often 1st year Marks or O-level equivalence document marks from IBCC. Students waiting for ‘A’ level result with matric training course (instead of ‘O’ level) cannot apply.
  6. While getting into CGPA highest scale is to be described i. e. CGPA 3 on a scale of 4 to be written as ¾.
  7. Students with legitimate ETS scores have the method, not to take Bahria University Admission Test and submit results as mentioned.

Contact Us

  • Bahria University Islamabad Campus
  • Shangrilla Road, Sector E-8,
  • Islamabad – Pakistan
  • Tel: +92-51-9260002
  • Fax: +92-51-9260885

Founded: February 7, 2000

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