AL HAMD Islamic University Quetta Admissions

AL HAMD Islamic University Quetta Admissions

AL HAMD Islamic University was conceived by AL HAMD Informative Society (AES), which was founded in the year 1995 with the vision of Offering Education in all the Areas of Education from grass root to professionals level. The AES is already operating number of educational institutions, homework & development institutions like Balochistan Institute of Technology, BIT Girls College of, Dar e Arqam School of Islam and Modern Sciences, BITSOFT (software development & IT Consultancy Firm), and Quran Research Academy.
We are particularly grateful to Almighty Allah, the most strong and the most merciful, who chose us for the noble cause to determine Al-Hamd Islamic University. Al-Hamdulillah its was formally chartered by the Federal government of Balochistan under the Act II of 2005. This University will be a degree awarding expert in the faculties of Islam, Science, Technology, Education, Law, Arts and Engineering.

Admission procedure

  • Admission will be open to all without having any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, or gender; presented the applicant meets essential terms and conditions enacted by ALHAMD Islamic University management.
  • Admission shall be strictly based on merit.
  • Candidates will be provided admission upon fulfilling fundamental perquisites for the programme, as well as qualifying Admission Test followed by an Interview.
  • Every student must provide an affidavit ensuring no intention to participate in political activities including assurance about abstaining from any prison act (as per law put into operation by the government).
  • During each session, one seat for each of the following groups will be kept reserved.

AL HAMD Islamic University Quetta Admissions

AL HAMD Islamic University Quetta Admissions


  1. Diploma in Communication and Production
  2. Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
  3. Bachelors in Mass Communication
  4. Diploma in Hardware & Software Engineering
  5. Diploma in Project Management
  6. Bachelors in Education (B.Ed)
  7. Diploma in Teacher Education
  8. Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT)
  9. Diploma in Teacher Education
  10. Bachelors in Computer Sciences (BCS)
  11. Diploma in Computer Networking
  12. Bachelors in Computer Sciences (BCS)
  13. Diploma in Computer Networking
  14. Bachelors in Industrial Management
  15. Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering (DCHE)
  16. Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com)

How To Apply

  • The Admission Committee will process the applications on the basis of merit as determined by the applicants previous academic record and his/ her performance in the Admission Test. Different weight-age will be assigned to the selection criteria as per the need and requirement of the time.
  • On the basis of the approved criteria, the interview list will be drawn up on notice board.
  • In interview, Admission Committee will analyze candidates ability, interest, and confidence levels. Candidates of high level will be selected and will be invited to register for the course.

Important Date 2013

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